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Stephen Moyer

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A community for fans of Stephen Moyer


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The Man
Ruggedly handsome English actor Stephen Moyer was born 1971 in Brentwood, Essex, England. He is the father of son Billy and daughter Lilac. Stephen's birth name is Stephen Emery.

The Actor
Stephen Moyer is currently acting the role of Bill Compton a.k.a. "Vampire Bill" in the HBO TV series True Blood based on the Southern Vampire series of novels by Charlaine Harris.

Community Guidelines
  • Please tag your entries.
  • Be respectful of your fellow community members.
  • Please be respectful of Stephen Moyer and his personal life and relationships. NEW: Please do not post pictures or videos where it's obvious that Stephen Moyer's personal space and time has been intruded upon. Such as paparazzi pictures or videos that were taken without his consent.
  • Discussion and news about any of Stephen Moyer's acting projects are welcome here, as well as discussion involving any books his acting projects may be based on.
  • Spoilers must be labeled clearly and placed under a cut. This includes images and videos of a spoilery nature.
  • Spoilers for upcoming or recently aired episodes of True Blood, the Southern Vampire series of books and movies in which Mr. Moyer has appeared should be placed under a cut.
  • Stephen Moyer and True Blood related community promotions are allowed. But lets not get carried away.
  • All True Blood and Stephen Moyer related graphics are welcome. This includes pictures, icons, banners, wallpapers, promotional images, videos, etc.
  • Images larger than 400x500 and videos must be under a cut.
  • Multiple images in one entry? All but one must be under a lj cut.
  • No more than 3 teaser icons.
  • Only one icon post every 7 days. If you have more icons to share less than 7 days after an icon entry to the community then please edit your original entry or wait the required 7 days to post again.
  • Fan fiction of fictional characters is fine, but absolutely NO real person fan fiction. If I see it, it will be deleted no questions asked. If it happens again you will be banned from the community.

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    This community is a Bill Compton hate free zone